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Brexit news: Furious LBC caller accuses Anna Soubry of ‘SHACKLING Brexit’ | UK | News

A radio caller told Anna Soubry to “stop rattling on” in a furious rampage live on air. The caller, Marie, also claimed the Independent Group MP was “shackling Brexit”. Marie said on LBC: “Hello Anna, I hope this time you might actually listen and stop rattling on as you are.” Ms Soubry began: “Well I’ve been invited on -“

The caller interrupted: “Stop insulting people of your own age group who could actually be maybe two or three years older than you, who knew exactly why they were voting to leave.”

Ms Soubry interjected: “I didn’t say you didn’t.”

Marie fiercely ranted: “You have shackled Brexit. Between you all, acting like people voting in the banana republic or in some other countries that do not vote honestly.

“Now we are saying to you ‘this is what we want’, a year down the line and your people are causing all these problems.

“I am doing a rallying cry, because I know for a fact Anna you are going to have egg on your face.”

Ms Soubry replied: “What about all those Conservatives that didn’t vote for Mrs May’s so-called deal?

“They’ve scuppered it, not just me. It’s all those Conservatives who went out and told you how marvellous Brexit was going to be, they didn’t vote for her deal.”

The heated debate follows Theresa May agreeing to two Brexit extensions, with the most recent taking the UK’s planned departure date to October 31.

The Prime Minister hopes to use the time to persuade MPs to back her EU exit deal, or an alternative agreement drawn up with the opposition Labour Party.

The UK will likely participate in the European Parliament elections, if a Brexit deal is not passed by May 22 after it was forced to accept an extended Brexit deadline from Brussels until October 31.

The European Parliament elections in 2014 saw Ukip come out on top in a tight contest with 27.49 percent of the vote and 24 MEPs, followed by the Labour Party (25.4 percent and 20 MEPs) and Conservative Party (23.93 percent and 19 MEPs).

However, a new Open Europe poll conducted by Hanbury Strategy of 2,000 people from April 5-8 has revealed Labour could could dominate the European elections and build a huge lead over their rivals.

Asked about which party they are intending to vote for, Labour led the way with 37.8 percent – up by around 50 percent from four years ago. The Conservative Party are a distant second with 23 percent of the vote, followed by Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party (10.3 percent), Liberal Democrats (8.1 percent) and Ukip (7.5 percent).

Nearly half (48.1 percent) of Leave voters said they were either likely or very likely to support the Brexit Party in the upcoming elections, compared to 18 percent of Remain voters.

A third (33.4 percent) of Remain voters also said they were “likely” or “very likely” to back Change UK – formerly know as The Independent Group (TIG) – which they were told is in favour of a second referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU.

In contrast, 22.7 percent of Leave voters suggested they are either “likely” or “very likely” to support that party.

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